Best of Düsseldorf

Altstadt (Old Town)

The famous Altstadt is a wondrous square kilometre that has more to offer than any other district in Düsseldorf. This is where the waiters ("Köbesse") are diamonds in the rough, where the next beer comes without it being ordered and where pork knuckles are a staple of people's diet as well as where tales are told and tranquillity goes hand in hand with the city's hustle and bustle ... 
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In contrast to other cities, when modernising its harbour, Düsseldorf didn't just attempt to wipe the slate clean, but decided to treat each lot individually and adapt it to its future ... 
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Rhine embankment promenade

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful of esplanades – Düsseldorf's promenade along the Rhine. Which once again has joined the city to its river. It symbolises Düsseldorfers' Rhenish ... 
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What would Düsseldorf be without it? Düsseldorf's Königsallee is more than a street to shop on – it's a business card, a real splendour and an international trademark. Affectionately called the "Kö" by Düsseldorf's residents, it's the main reason... 
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Schloss & Park Benrath

One of the most beautiful garden palaces of the 18th century is situated in Düsseldorf's southern district of Benrath. Planned and buildt between 1756 and 1773 by Nicolas de Pigage, the Palace and Park Benrath was constructed ...
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Historical Kaiserswerth

Kaiserswerth, located in the northern part of Düsseldorf, is always worth a trip at any time of the year. The pretty heart with its charming baroque houses from the 17th and 18th centuries is always a great place for an excursion ... 
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Picture credit/Text: © Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH – Fotograf U. Otte